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According to the CDC, every year more than 350,000 persons require emergency room treatment or hospitalization for dog bite injuries. Many more people suffer minor injuries that require treatment at home. Even the friendliest dogs can, under the wrong circumstances, bite. Children between the ages of five and nine have the highest percentage of dog bites, but people may suffer from dog bites at any age.

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At Emroch & Kilduff, we have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for a wide range of clients suffering from personal injuries. Our extensive experience in personal injury law has prepared us well to handle your dog bite claim with efficiency and compassion. We aggressively pursue resolutions for our clients, resulting in successful outcomes for many of our clients.

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While we cannot guarantee results in any one case, the attorneys at Emroch & Kilduff will fight for a fair outcome in your dog bite claim. Our clients appreciate our compassion and commitment as well as our determination to seek justice for victims of dog bite accidents.

Understanding Dog Bite Injuries

Many people assume that the worst dog bites come from big dogs rather than small ones. Cautious individuals may attempt to avoid aggressive breeds or stay away from large, intimidating dogs. Unfortunately, any type of dog can bite given the right provocation. Children, in particular, may mistakenly antagonize a dog or convince it to bite unnecessarily. Following a dog bite, immediate care can help reduce the risk of infection. Medical care can also help establish the full damage caused by a dog, including:

  • Tearing damage to the skin
  • Crushing damage. Large dogs can exert more than 450 pounds of pressure per square inch, leading to substantial damage beneath the skin.
  • Infection. Dog bites may lead to increased risk of infection, including long-term illness or further damage to the area around the bite.
  • Scarring. Following the injury, many injured individuals experience long-term scarring.

According to Virginia law, a dog that has bitten in the past may receive classification as a dangerous dog, and thus its owner should take appropriate controlling measures. An owner who fails to restrain a dangerous dog may receive more legal penalties than the owner of a dog who has never shown aggressive behavior in the past or who bites unexpectedly.

Does the Dog’s Owner Bear Responsibility for Your Injuries?

According to Virginia law, if a dog bites, the owner bears responsibility for paying for any damages associated with the bite. In some cases, however, you may share liability for the accident, such as if you deliberately antagonized a dog known for biting. Talking with a lawyer will help determine whether you share any liability for the dog bite and how that might affect your eligibility to recover damages.

What Compensation Can You Receive?

Following a dog bite, you may wonder what compensation you can receive for your injuries. If you suffered a bite, you can claim any medical expenses associated with the accident, including the following:

  • Ambulance transport to the hospital, if required. If you needed an ambulance to take you or your child to the hospital following a dog bite, you can seek reimbursement for that trip.
  • The emergency room visit. Dog bites may require stitches or medical assessment to determine the full extent of the damage. Often, the emergency room represents the best place to get the care many people need after a dog bite.
  • Ongoing medical care, including followup visits. You may need ongoing medical care to help you recover completely from a dog bite.
  • Physical therapy, if needed. In some cases, dog bites may cause injuries severe enough to require physical therapy during recovery. If so, the dog’s owner bears the burden of paying for those expenses.
  • Plastic surgery. In some cases, dog bites may cause such substantial damage that the bite requires plastic surgery to restore a victim’s physical appearance. In this case, the dog’s owner may bear the burden of those costs.

The owner of the dog may also need to pay any other damages caused by a dog bite accident, including restitution for the loss of a companion animal to a dog bite.

How Can a Lawyer Help?

Following a dog bite, you may need to deal with the owner’s homeowner’s insurance company to seek compensation for a dog bite. In some cases, you may need to deal with the homeowner directly to seek compensation for your injuries. A good attorney may seem expensive, but after a dog bite, working with an attorney offers many benefits. For example, an attorney can:

  • Help you better understand the compensation you deserve for your injuries. The attorney will work with you to fully assess how much you should receive in compensation and when to accept a settlement from the insurance company.
  • Fight on your behalf. You may need to fight, whether during insurance company negotiations or in court, to receive the full compensation you deserve, and a personal injury attorney will fight to protect your rights and maximize your compensation.
  • Increase the compensation you receive. Following a dog bite accident, a lawyer can often increase the funds the insurance company will offer or help you secure a better settlement than you would otherwise acquire on your own, even when you deduct your attorney’s fees.

At Emorch & Kilduff, we will start with a free consultation to better understand your claim. You have nothing to lose by learning how we can help you navigate your dog bite claim.

Do You Need a Dog Bite Attorney?

If you suffered serious injuries due to a dog bite, you need an attorney to fight on your behalf.

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