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Prescription Drugs Can Cause Car Accidents

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We all know the dangers and legal consequences of drunk driving. But did you know that prescription drugs may cause more accidents than alcohol and marijuana combined? A study by the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine found that 50 percent of drivers took at least one prescription drug in the past week. With […]

Watch out for Distracted Drivers in Virginia

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Although manufacturers are making the safest vehicles to date, drivers continue to make roads dangerous. Today, drivers are more and more distracted as they drive. This diverts the driver’s attention from the road and makes it more likely to cause an accident. Distracted driving has increased the number of accidents. What Is Distracted Driving? Electronic […]

Distracted Drivers Cause Rear-End Crashes

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Careful driving requires that drivers keep their full attention on the road while driving. However, this happens far less often than it should. Today, many drivers engage in some distracting behavior another that diverts the driver’s attention from the road. Distracted drivers are more likely to cause an accident, and the number of accidents has […]

What Causes Bus Accidents?

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It’s a scenario that no one wants to think about, you’ve stepped onto a bus and are headed out to work or starting a trip to an exciting place. You just want to sit and relax, read a book, and enjoy the scenery passing before you. All of the sudden, something isn’t right. Bus accidents […]

A Rear-End Collision Can Leave You With Serious Injuries

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A Rear-End Collision Can Leave You With Serious Injuries Many people associate rear-end collisions with fender benders and minor damages. Rear-end collisions, however, can—and often do—lead to serious, long-lasting injuries. Always take such accidents seriously, because injuries caused by rear-end accidents can seem like nothing at first, then progressively worsen with time. Rear-End Collisions A […]

Collecting Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

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Every year, thousands of Virginia residents are injured in car crashes. While the severity of injuries ranges from minor scrapes and bruises to broken bones and whiplash, all can leave accident victims in pain, financially overwhelmed, and feeling confused about the next steps. While it is possible to collect compensation for injuries sustained in accidents […]