Truck Accident Settles for $3.3 Million

Note: The recoveries in these cases are not necessarily indicative of recoveries in similar cases in the future, since each case must be decided on its own facts and circumstances.

The plaintiff was a passenger in a truck driven by a coworker when they were victims of a broadside collision. The two were trapped inside the truck when mechanical structures in the vehicle were forced into the passenger compartment.

The plaintiff’s injuries included bilateral tibial fractures and bilateral patella fractures. While hospitalized, he underwent open reduction internal fixation procedures on both tibias as well as his left kneecap. Subsequently, he developed post-traumatic arthritis in both knees. He has already undergone a total knee replacement on his right leg and he is expected to need a total knee replacement in the future on his left leg. Additionally, the plaintiff’s orthopedic expert said that he will need two additional total knee revisions on each leg during his lifetime.

Due to his injuries, the plaintiff is limited to performing sedentary work. He also needs a cane for ambulation and can walk only relatively short distances. The case settled for $3.3 million on the morning of trial.

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