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How Well Do Car-Safety Features Work?

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How Well Do Car-Safety Features Work? There is no question that modern safety features on motor vehicles have made huge advancements over the last decade. With the latest safety features like upgraded airbags, anti-lock braking systems (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS), back-up cameras and sensors, parking assist features, adaptive headlights, […]

What Compensation a Person Might Expect in a Personal Injury Case

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What Compensation a Person Might Expect in a Personal Injury Case Personal injuries can result in serious damages, including high medical bills and missed time from work. Given the high costs, one of the first things injured accident victims want to know is how much their case might be worth. The value of a personal […]

Winter Weather Car Accidents

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Winter Weather Car Accidents It is undisputed that winter weather in the Richmond, Virginia area can have a significant adverse impact on roadway conditions. Snow, ice, and freezing rain can impair roadway visibility, reduce traction, affect stability, and impact overall traffic conditions. All of these significantly increase the chances of a car accident while driving. […]

Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI

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Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI Car accidents have the potential to result in very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries—or TBIs. In the car accident context, traumatic brain injuries often come about when the force of the impact causes the accident victim to strike his or her head on the door, ceiling (especially […]

Factors That Can Cause a Car to Roll Over

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined that vehicular rollovers have higher fatality rates than other kinds of crashes, and that 90 percent of these incidents involve only a single vehicle. As such, NHTSA finds that rollovers more closely reflect the interplay between drivers, roads, vehicles, and environmental factors. Because rollovers are often […]

The Consequences of Distracted Driving

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This year, a number of bills were introduced by Virginia legislators that were aimed at cutting down on the number of distracted driving accidents occurring across the state. As many as 175 people lost their lives in traffic accidents caused by distracted driving last year alone and over 14,700 sustained injuries. Distractions are usually categorized […]

How Much Is Your Richmond Truck Accident Case Worth?

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Truck accidents are violent and traumatizing. Semi-trucks are, after all, massive behemoths that barrel down the highway dwarfing regular vehicles. A truck accident can upend your life in dramatic ways, financially, emotionally, and physically. If you or someone you care about has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, it can be very difficult to obtain […]

Texting While Driving Violations Are On The Rise in Virginia

Undoubtedly, you’re aware that texting while driving is very distracting, but it’s also against the law across Virginia. Since legislation passed in 2013 that made texting while driving a primary offense, convictions of the offense have nearly quadrupled, according to a Capital News Service article. The increase in convictions is likely due to the change […]

GM Recalls

General Motors has recalled millions of vehicles worldwide in response to claims and investigations alleging that faulty parts in their vehicles have caused several deaths and injuries. GM is alleged to have used substandard parts and that the company was aware of the real and potential dangers that these substandard parts posed to consumers. As […]

Automobile Manufacturer Liability – Tire Failure

Tires are one of the most significant operational and safety features found on an automobile. Since tires are the main point of contact between the automobile and the roadway, they affect the functionality of a vehicle. Stability, traction, maneuverability and braking capability are all influenced by a vehicle’s tires. Sources of Tire Failure When tire […]