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Why Do You Need a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Need a Truck Accident Lawyer

Truck accidents cause critical injuries, sometimes resulting in death. If a truck accident injured you, you may feel distressed. You need a truck accident lawyer. A truck accident lawyer can help you navigate the incredibly complex, frustrating legal process and get the compensation you deserve. Schedule a Free Consultation Determining Liability: How a Truck Accident […]

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

File a Wrongful Death Suit

If you are here, you may have lost a loved one and may face a difficult time. You may wonder whether you can file a wrongful death suit and get financial support to cope with this tragedy. If you are an immediate family member, you may file a wrongful death suit, but different states have […]

What Questions Should You Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney at Your First Meeting?

Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

After extensive research, you booked a consultation with a personal injury attorney. But you have doubts about whether they are the right choice for you and your case. You want to ask questions, but you don’t know what to ask. Asking the right questions in the first meeting make your life easier by helping you […]

How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer for You

Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Did they leave you or your loved one to suffer, and you have no choice but to choose the right personal injury lawyer? But every time you search for the best personal injury lawyer online, the number of results overwhelms you, especially when your injuries make your life a nightmare. You cannot afford to make […]

How Our Lawyers Handle an Allstate Injury Claim

Allstate Injury Claim

After an accident, you might need to file an insurance claim with Allstate. Allstate is notorious for lowballing claims. Although it has a tagline, “You are in good hands with Allstate,” the American Association for Justice ranked it first among the ten worst insurance companies in the nation. Our personal injury lawyers know all of […]

​Who Pays for Rear-End Collisions?

car accident lawyer in Richmond, Virginia area

Rear-end collisions are among the most common types of collisions in the United States, according to the National Law Review. You see these types of crashes at intersections, highways, and parking lots. This means that rear-end crashes certainly caused some of Virginia’s nearly 1,000 annual traffic deaths. Like all other collisions, the circumstances surrounding each […]

When to Hire a Truck Accident Attorney?

truck accident lawyer in Richmond

A truck accident in Virginia can inflict physical trauma, and recovering from the experience takes time. It will also likely involve seeking the aid of numerous professionals committed to improving your well-being. In many cases, though, you’ll need a qualified medical team to help you with your physical recovery, and you may need a therapist […]

​What Is Considered Reckless Driving?

car accident lawyer in Virginia,

When you see a driver speeding along the highway or an aggressive motorist weaving in and out of traffic, you might think, “What reckless drivers these people are!” Reckless is one of those words used in everyday conversation but has a specific legal meaning when it comes to tortious and criminal conduct. When a driver […]

​What Can a Lawyer Do for You After a Car Accident?

car accident lawyer in Richmond, Virginia area

fter a car crash in Virginia, you’d think to contact several people: A close family member or spouse so that you can let them know you’re okay. If you sustained a severe injury, you might call for emergency medical help. You may even consider contacting your employer and letting them know you can’t make it […]

​Should I Take the First Offer of a Car Accident Settlement?

car accident lawyer in Richmond, Virginia area

After a car accident, you might wonder whether you should take the first settlement offer you receive than waiting around for more compensation that might never come. The short answer is no. While you could accept the initial settlement offer following your crash, doing so is generally a bad idea. A settlement may be the […]