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Motorcycle Accidents Can Cause Serious, Life-Changing Injuries

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When you are riding a motorcycle, it is just you, your bike, and the road. The only thing separating you from the elements are the clothes on your back and any protective gear you have chosen to wear. While this is the reason many people love riding motorcycles, it is also the reason that motorcyclists […]

Motorcyclists: Are You “Road Ready”?

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One only has to look to the popularity of motorcycles in the United States to determine that riding these vehicles is something that many Americans enjoy tremendously. Unfortunately, it also puts riders and their passengers at a significant risk of serious injury. Unlike passenger vehicles, motorcycles do no provide their operators with any protection from […]

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Motorcycle Accidents – Part I

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What Causes Motorcycle Accidents? Motorcycle accidents occur for the same reasons other motor vehicle accidents do, and most are the result of driver error – either on the part of the motorcyclist or another motorist on the road. When they are caused by someone else, motorcyclists are typically able to recover compensation for the injuries […]

Serious Driver Mistakes that Result in Motorcycle Accidents

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Tens of thousands of motorcyclists are injured annually in crashes the U.S. and many of those crashes involve a driver who made a grave mistake on the road. The following are some examples of serious mistakes by drivers that can cause devastating injuries to motorcyclists. Distracted driving – Distracted driving is one of the foremost […]

Will You be Able to Recover Compensation for Your Virginia Motorcycle Accident?

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After any type of accident, one of the most understandable questions a victim may have is whether they are legally entitled to compensation for their medical expenses and other accident-related losses. Motorcycle accident victims are no different and our attorneys regularly hear this question from prospective clients. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer to this […]

4 Things to Do after a Motorcycle Accident

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Motorcycle accidents often happen suddenly and when you least expect it. After such a traumatic event, it is no surprise that you may not know what to do first or where to turn for help. The following is some brief information about steps you can take after a motorcycle accident that may help preserve your […]

Dog Bite Bill Signed Into Law

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Recently, Governor McAuliffe signed House Bill 2381 into law, which makes substantial changes to state law regarding dog bite liability. The law will go into effect in July, so if you were recently injured by someone else’s dog and have questions about how these changes will affect your case, it is important to contact an […]

Pharmaceutical Negligence

Although many pharmacists take great care when filling prescriptions and explaining potential side effects to a patient, mistakes still occur at an alarming rate. Mixing up a prescription or filling the wrong medication can result in serious health complications that can be extremely expensive to treat, so if you suffered an illness or injury as […]

Recovering Damages for Car Accidents Caused by Spilled Cargo

Although most people associate car accidents with driver error, such as speeding, failing to yield at an intersection or falling asleep at the wheel, thousands of car crashes are also caused by collisions with spilled cargo. In fact, in early May, a dump truck caused a two-vehicle collision when it overturned and spilled thousands of pounds […]