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Congress Trampling on Injured Virginians’ Rights

Posted by: Admin    Date: Mar. 13,2017

Congress is pushing legislation right now that will make lawsuits – including yours and those of your family and friends – nearly impossible to pursue here in Virginia. These bills will “pre-empt” Virginia law, and rig the system against individuals like you. These laws tip the scales in favor of powerful corporate defendants—insurance companies and […]

Rand Robins Joins Emroch & Kilduff

Posted by: Admin    Date: Nov. 01,2016

Rand’s practice is dedicated to representing people injured in motor vehicle, medical malpractice, and workplace accidents, as well as those injured by defective products. Rand joined Emroch & Kilduff after five years of corporate litigation and representing defendants in product liability and injury cases. Rand’s experience working for insurance companies and corporations gives him a […]

Giving a Recorded Statement for Worker’s Compensation

Posted by: Admin    Date: Jul. 08,2016

Giving a Recorded Statement for Worker’s Compensation Workplace accidents happen all the time.  Sometimes the accident is the fault of an employee’s co-workers, sometimes it the fault of third parties, and sometimes, the accident is no one’s “fault”—it may just be a hazard associated with the work you have been hired to do.   Thankfully, […]

Workers’ Compensation Deadlines

Posted by: Admin    Date: May. 16,2016

Important Deadlines When Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim   The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission (VWCC) was created to take care of qualified workers who suffer compensable injuries and diseases in the Commonwealth of Virginia.   VWCC has strict procedures on how workers or their attorney may pursue claims of work-related injuries and diseases.  While the […]

Calculating Lost Wages For A Personal Injury Claim

Posted by: Admin    Date: Apr. 13,2016

4 Considerations For Calculating Lost Wages When Filing A Personal Injury Claim   If you have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, you may use up much-needed sick- and vacation time, or miss the income from your job altogether.   Why should you have to pay for that?  Losing income is one of […]

Potential New Speeding Threshold for Reckless Driving

Posted by: Admin    Date: Feb. 22,2016

Potential New Law to Increase Speeding Threshold for Reckless Driving in Virginia The Virginia Senate passed legislation last Wednesday that would raise the threshold for charging a driver with reckless driving. House Bill 1185 amended the reckless driving speed from 81mph to 85mph on Virginia Highways where the speed limit is 70. The bill passed […]

Texting While Driving Violations Are On The Rise in Virginia

Posted by: Admin    Date: Nov. 12,2015

Undoubtedly, you’re aware that texting while driving is very distracting, but it’s also against the law across Virginia. Since legislation passed in 2013 that made texting while driving a primary offense, convictions of the offense have nearly quadrupled, according to a Capital News Service article. The increase in convictions is likely due to the change […]

What Types of Force May the Police Use?

Posted by: Admin    Date: Jul. 21,2015

Police use of force and the determination of the appropriate amount of force have become important topics over the last two decades. The recent growth in public outcries over the misuse of force by police has been significant, making the need for understanding the limits of police force more important than ever. The U.S. Constitution […]

Do Employers Have To Accommodate Disabled Employees?

Posted by: Admin    Date: Mar. 16,2015

“My employer refuses to provide reasonable accommodations for my disability.  Doesn’t my employer have to do so?” It depends.  If your employer has 15 or more employees, then you may be covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”).  See 42 U.S.C. §§ 120101 et seq.  The ADA is a civil rights law designed to […]

How to Determine if you Have a Medical Malpractice Claim

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 29,2014

If you’ve recently sought medical care and were harmed while receiving that care, you may be able to the receive damages for the harm that you suffered due to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when a patient is harmed by a medical professional (a doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner) who fails to competently perform his […]

What You Need to Know About Vicarious Liability

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 21,2014

What do you need to know when you’ve been injured by the employee of a company? Do you sue employee, the company or both? If an employee harms you, the employer may be liable for your injury under the doctrine of vicarious liability. This article will provide you with more information about vicarious liability, situations […]

The Role of Informed Consent in Medical Malpractice Claims

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 14,2014

Did I really need this procedure? Would I have taken this medication had I known about its side effects? These are just few of the questions a patient may ask themselves when contemplating a medical malpractice claim. Many medical malpractice claims occur because of a lack of informed consent. Doctors are trusted to use their […]

GM Recalls

Posted by: Admin    Date: Sep. 15,2014

General Motors has recalled millions of vehicles worldwide in response to claims and investigations alleging that faulty parts in their vehicles have caused several deaths and injuries. GM is alleged to have used substandard parts and that the company was aware of the real and potential dangers that these substandard parts posed to consumers. As […]

Traumatic Brain Injuries: Concussions

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 06,2014

Lawyers for retired NFL players have brought recent attention to the risk of brain damage in professional sports.  But brain damage is not just a hazard when you are knocked to the ground by a 350-pound linebacker; any blow to any part of the body, given the right sort of impact and angle of force, […]

Important Items to Know about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Posted by: Admin    Date: Jun. 13,2014

(Michael Lantz) The wrongful death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence or a faulty product not only brings tremendous grief but can also have a significant financial impact due to loss of future earnings and other elements. If your loved one suffered from a wrongful death and you seek an attorney to evaluate your case, […]

How Your Credibility Affects Your Liability

Posted by: Admin    Date: Jun. 09,2014

(by Chris Spinelli) If you’ve suffered a motor vehicle accident, the defendant’s insurance company will often be looking to pinpoint reasons to deny your claim.  Often the defendant’s insurance company will begin to lay the groundwork to challenge your credibility right away. If the defendant’s insurance company believes that along with the negligent defendant, you […]

6-Year-Old Girl Drowned: $1,500,000 Settlement

Posted by: Admin    Date: May. 27,2014

(By: Virginia Lawyers Weekly May 26, 2014) This was a premises liability/wrongful death case, stemming from a drowning that occurred on July 1, 2011. The defendants were the apartment owners, the apartment management company, and the company hired to manage the pool and supply a trained lifeguard. The decedent was a 6-year-old kindergarten student at […]

Construction Accidents & Workers’ Compensation

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 17,2013

Despite initiatives under Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and other worker safety groups, the construction industry continues to have one of the highest injury rates.  Training programs, safety classes, equipment inspections and worker certifications are just some ways that the construction industry has attempted to make dangerous work safer for employees.  However, the improper […]

Wrongful Diagnosis & Medical Malpractice

Posted by: Admin    Date: Oct. 10,2013

Misdiagnosis and wrongful diagnosis are preventable medical errors that have become a serious medical issue.  Statistics show that these errors kill more people than some of the leading causes of death. Most people understand that medicine it is not perfect, and that it’s certainly not the complete cure for every condition.  Therefore, if treatment does […]

Workers’ Compensation in the Restaurant Industry

Posted by: Admin    Date: Aug. 13,2013

The restaurant industry employs nearly 13 million people which make up about 10% of the entire United States workforce. Restaurants are currently one of the largest private-sector employers in the country. The restaurant industry is also one of the largest sectors of work where employees are injured. There are many risks associated with owning, managing […]

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