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Living With a Spinal Cord Injury Is Often Expensive

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Virginia

  Living with a spinal cord injury sustained in any type of accident can cost far more than you might imagine. In just the first year after a spinal cord injury leaves a victim with some degree of paralysis, medical care can cost anywhere from $350,000 to more than $1 million, according to estimates from […]

When Cars and Trucks Collide, Cars Lose

Truck Accident Lawyer in Virginia

  According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), more than 2.7 million tractor-trailer trucks are registered in the United States. Large truck traffic accounts for roughly 9 percent of all traffic on U.S. roads and highways. At any given time, cars and trucks must share the road safely and responsibly. Unfortunately, when cars […]

Distracted Driving: One of the Most Dangerous Driver Behaviors

Car Accident Lawyer in Virginia

  Distracted driving was a factor in 20.5 percent of all traffic accidents on Virginia roads in 2017, and in 25 percent of all traffic accident fatalities, according to the Virginia Highway Safety Office. Operating a car or truck while distracted is, simply put, one of the most dangerous behaviors behind the wheel today. In […]

The Potential Catastrophic Results of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Virginia

  For many people, slipping and falling down results in little more than a few bruises and momentary embarrassment. Some slip and fall accidents, however, cause severe trauma, even catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Some of the potentially life-altering consequences of falling down on someone else’s property follow below. Potential Physical Injuries From Falls Slip and […]

How Do I Know if What Was Done to Me Was Medical Malpractice?

medical malpractice lawyer in virginia

  We seek medical care when we’re ill or injured and need professional medical guidance and treatment. When your doctor’s care makes you worse instead of better, it can be particularly harsh. And if your health deteriorates because of medical malpractice, it’s that much more difficult still. Medical professionals owe you a standard of care […]

What Are the Different Kinds of Slip and Fall Claims?

slip and fall lawyer in Virginia

  Most people are familiar with slip and fall personal injury claims. You slip and fall on another individual’s property, usually that of a private business, due to the property owner’s negligence. Unfortunately, these accidents can result in serious injuries—hospitalizations due to falls cost an average of $34,294. Afterward, you may want to file a […]

Chippenham Hospital: Patients at Risk During Power Outage

Hospital Injury Attorneys Virginia

  In early July 2018, a contractor hit an underground power line, pulling it from the transformer. The mistake left Richmond’s Chippenham Hospital without power for four and a half hours, from about 2:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Turning what might have been a momentary inconvenience into a crisis, the hospital’s emergency generator failed to […]

Dangers Linked with Push and Electric Scooters

Virginia Scooter Injury Attorney

Scooters seem like an ideal solution for both convenience and saving money on transportation. Push a button and become mobile! Scooters, however, can present serious hazards, and scooter accidents cause severe injuries. According to a Richmond Times article, the United States has seen a huge increase in scooter accidents, especially in major cities. In fact, […]

Truckers and Stimulant Drugs: A Dangerous Combination

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Truckers have highly demanding jobs. They’re on the road all day, staring at mile after mile of highway. They’re under strict time constraints, and in many cases, they may struggle to meet those constraints due to no fault of their own. Traffic jams, accidents on the road ahead, and other hazards can all combine to […]