Automobile Manufacturer’s Liability

Automobile Manufacturer’s Liability

Emroch & Kilduff has the experience and resources to prosecute claims against automobile manufacturers who sell vehicles with defects that result in injury or death to the vehicle’s occupants. These cases can involve issues such as:

Our attorneys have the necessary resources required to prove negligence and/or responsibility in these cases and other types of automobile, truck and van defect cases. Contact us today to discuss your claim. If you have been injured or suffered damages because of a defective automobile, or vehicle part, you may have an automobile liability claim.  This includes a variety of defects such as tire failure, rollovers, roof collapse, post-collision fire, unintended acceleration, malfunctioning brakes and faulty seatbelts, restraints or airbags.  In general, there are two types of automobile product liability claims that put the manufacturer or seller of the vehicle at risk for a lawsuit.  These types of claims include defectively manufactured automobiles or their parts, and automobiles manufactured with a dangerous design. Automobile manufacturers may have defenses against your claims, like arguing contributory negligence to reverse the responsibility. These specific laws vary from state to state it is important to seek advice from a products liability attorney to explain how state laws play a part in your case. It is possible that there are already class action suits against the vehicle manufacturer because similar injuries have occurred.  These are important pieces in an automobile liability case that an experienced attorney can help you understand and establish.

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