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Auto collisions are complicated enough, but become even more so when a commercial truck is involved. When a larger vehicle is involved there are various ways to categorize the accident. For example, accidents involving large trucks (including delivery vehicles, box trucks, or tractor trailers) can be classified as head-on collisions, under ride or override accidents, jackknife or rollover crashes. Any and all of these categories of truck accidents can result in serious injury, disability or fatality. As with most auto and truck accidents there are considerations like road conditions, equipment failure, and driver performance that must be taken into account.

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Interstates are said to be the safest roadways, but this is where most commercial vehicle and truck accidents occur. Large trucks account for a very small percent of total registered vehicles, yet per unit of travel, these trucks are involved in more fatal crashes than passenger vehicles.

According to the most recent 2010 report from The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety the number of accidents involving semi truck, tractor trailer and commercial vehicles is on the rise.

  • 500,000+ commercial vehicles and large trucks were involved in accidents
  • 100,000+ people sustained serious injuries
  • 5000+ fatalities

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If you or a loved one is in an accident involving a commercial vehicle or tractor trailer, it is a difficult and overwhelming time. If a serious injury or fatality occurred, handling complicated legal matters just adds to the stress of an already complex and stressful situation. Leave it to the personal injury attorneys at Emroch & Kilduff to provide the support and representation you need to reach a quick resolution and more substantial settlements.

If you’ve been injured by a tractor trailer or commercial vehicle, you deserve to know your rights. Do not hesitate to contact us, or visit one of our offices in Richmond, Petersburg, Tappahannock, or Fredericksburg for a consultation with an experienced truck accident injury attorney.

I saw the commercials and the lady stating she was going down the highway with her two year old son in the car, and the tractor trailer hit her. In my case I was traveling down the highway and the truck hit me than made me lose control and I hit another vehicle that had a two year old child in it. I knew then your company would be a perfect fit for my case.
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