Wrongful Death and Plaintiff Personal Injury

Practice Areas

At Emroch & Kilduff, we represent individuals who have been seriously injured, and the families of individuals who have been killed as a result of the negligent or wrongful conduct of others. These types of cases are called “personal injury cases” or, if the injury was fatal, “wrongful death cases.” Personal injury claims can result from incidents such as restaurant food poisoning,

Representing clients in these cases takes a thorough understanding of how insurance companies and their lawyers think. Insurance companies are interested in minimizing their economic exposure when a serious injury or death has occurred. They hire attorneys whose job it is to aggressively undermine each aspect of your claim. We know their tactics, and can counter them effectively. To do so, we invest the time and resources necessary to prepare every case for trial. We will proceed to trial if it is in your best interest.

Our specific personal injury and wrongful death practice areas include:

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