5 Bizarre Reasons Truck Accidents Occur

5 Bizarre Reasons Truck Accidents Occur

  Trucks often cause catastrophic damage when they collide with cars and other smaller vehicles. That is why truck drivers have a special responsibility to protect the safety of the other drivers with whom they share the road. Sometimes, however, strange circumstances you’d never imagine can trigger a chain of events that leads to an accident. Check out these bizarre reasons why truck accidents have occurred.

1. Sneezing Fits and Siri

In June 2018, a truck driver in Indiana rolled her tractor-trailer when a sneezing fit took hold of her while she was trying to have a conversation with the Siri assistant on her iPhone. Now, that’s awfully specific. We have to wonder, if the driver had just had a sneezing fit or just been talking to Siri, would she have noticed her truck was headed for a road barrier and had to swerve? We’ll never know...

2. Leaving the Dog in the Forklift Truck

In November 2018, CNN reported that an inquest into the tragic June 2017 death of a farmer in England found that the victim’s Jack Russell terrier had released the handbrake of his forklift truck, causing it to run over him. There’s nothing funny about a tragic loss of life, but let this serve as an object lesson about why not to leave unattended dogs in vehicles.

3. Falling Tunnel Conduits

In February 2018, a piece of a metal electrical conduit fell from the ceiling of a tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, piercing the windshield of a truck passing underneath and killing the driver. Miraculously, the truck did not crash inside the tunnel, but instead rolled for another mile before stopping on the side of the road.

4. Wind Turbines—No, Really!

A May 2017 multi-truck crash on the German Autobahn saw a gigantic wind turbine blade one of the trucks was carrying fly free and crush the cab of another truck. Incredibly, everyone survived. The crash highlights the risk posed to others on the road when trucks transport massive industrial equipment, and the need to ensure the cargo is properly secured.

5. When They Say “Beware Cross Winds,” They Mean It

We’ve all seen the signs on high bridges crossing bodies of water that warn of crosswinds. Few of us have ever seen crosswinds cause havoc, though. But, in March 2018, not one but two trucks crossing the Mario Cuomo/Tappan Zee bridge in the New York City area turned over in high crosswinds during a Nor’easter. Take those signs seriously!

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