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Richmond Passes Ban on Using Cellphones While Driving

Phone Related Car Accident

  It can be frustrating to see other drivers speeding down the road, phone in hand, paying no attention to their surroundings. Engaging with visual distractions while driving is one example of reckless and negligent driver behavior. Distracted driving significantly increases the risks of a car accident. Fortunately, the City of Richmond has recently taken […]

Will Virginia’s New Distracted Driving Law Keep Motorists Safer?

Distracted Driving Attorney

Driving distracted puts every motorist on the road at risk. According to the Department of Motor Vehicles, fatal crashes due to distracted driving totaled 3,450 in 2016. In Virginia, 4,138 distracted driving crashes resulted in injuries and 78 resulted in fatalities. Our Richmond personal injury attorneys at Emroch & Kilduff specialize in representing the rights […]

Texting While Driving Violations Are On The Rise in Virginia

Undoubtedly, you’re aware that texting while driving is very distracting, but it’s also against the law across Virginia. Since legislation passed in 2013 that made texting while driving a primary offense, convictions of the offense have nearly quadrupled, according to a Capital News Service article. The increase in convictions is likely due to the change […]

Reward your teen drivers for safe driving with a smartphone app!

Teen drivers are being rewarded for safe driver scores thanks to a new app that teaches them how to drive better. The app gives real time feedback both audio and visual, coaching teens driving from the very beginning. Parents can then receive immediate notification if their teen speeds a little too long. They can also […]

Rap music video warns of distractions to pedestrians

A new music/rap video has been created to create a message for people both locally and nationally to increase awareness of the dangers of texting while while doing other things (walking, driving etc). Local schools, the mayors office and emergency services have supported and been an important part of this video. Stop, look and listen! […]