Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Do You Want to Be a Lawyer?

Ward Marstiller, Jr., at Chimborazo Elementary Career Day Ward Marstiller, Jr., at Chimborazo Elementary Career Day He held a vintage briefcase that had belonged to his grandfather. He held two law books and sported a classic suit. “Do you know what I am?” asked Emroch & Kilduff attorney Ward Marstiller of the school-aged group. Hands went up. They knew he was a lawyer. Attorney Marstiller has attended Chimborazo Elementary School’s Career Day for several years. This year, he talked to the children about the role of lawyers, using his books and a court model of a knee to prove his points. Holding up a book, he asked the children to look into it and find the date it was published. Once they realized the date was 1850, he asked the children if a girl could be a lawyer in those days. The answer was no. He then showed them a 2008 law book, explaining that lawyers help advocate and create better, more just laws that protect equality. He also showed the children a knee model, talking about visual aids that are used in courts. Questions and answers followed. The children then took turns wearing his coat and holding his books and briefcase, dressing the part of a lawyer — or, perhaps, seeing how they’d look in the future.

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