Four Steps to Take after a Virginia Car Accident

Four Steps to Take after a Virginia Car Accident

When you’re involved in a car accident it might seem like time stops for a moment, and your mind goes blank. Protecting yourself and the passengers in the car from injury will probably be the first thing that you are thinking about. After the initial scare is over, it is time to assess the damage and take the proper steps after the accident. Here are four important steps that you should take after experiencing a car accident in Virginia:

Collect Information on the Scene of the Accident

Evidence on the scene of the accident will be one of the most valuable pieces of information once you start your claim. The insurance companies will require extensive documentation, and this is your chance to show exactly what happened. Once you have pulled off to the side of the road and are confident that it is safe to exit the car, exchange insurance information with the other driver. If there are eyewitnesses, now is the time to request a recorded or written statement. Take pictures of the damaged vehicles and how it occurred. Next call the police to file an official police report. This will be a crucial piece of testimony when you need to support your claim regarding the accident.

See a Physician for a Medical Exam

Even if you have minor or no visible injuries at the time of the accident it is important to seek immediate medical attention. Some injuries (for example, a sore neck or slipped discs due to whiplash) won’t present themselves until days or even weeks later. Establishing a medical record as soon as possible will help to prove that any future injuries were actually a result of the car accident. Otherwise, the insurance company might be able to argue that an injury that presented itself two weeks after the car accident was unrelated and was caused by something else.

Keep Detailed Notes and Records

Maintaining detailed notes and updated records throughout the entire process is incredibly important. Establish a timeline of events, and organize your witness testimony. Request a copy of the official police report for your records. Create a system to document all of the photos you took at the scene of the accident. Keep a record of all of your doctor appointments, medication prescribed, and bills incurred after the accident. All of these pieces of information will be key to establishing a successful claim and requesting reimbursement for damages.

Contact an Accident Lawyer

Working with an insurance company to recover damages incurred in a car accident can be complicated. To make sure that you are able to achieve the best possible outcome, it is a good idea to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you through this process.

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