Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Motorcycle Accidents – Part I

Frequently Asked Questions about Virginia Motorcycle Accidents – Part I

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents occur for the same reasons other motor vehicle accidents do, and most are the result of driver error – either on the part of the motorcyclist or another motorist on the road. When they are caused by someone else, motorcyclists are typically able to recover compensation for the injuries they have sustained. Some examples of the kinds of errors that often lead to motorcycle accidents include speeding, distracted driving, improper turns, and drunk or drugged driving.

How Much is a Typical Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

Many clients want to know how much they will be able to recover for their losses and are therefore curious about what a “typical” case is worth. Unfortunately, there is no way to answer this question as there is no such thing as a “typical” motorcycle accident. Some of the things that will affect how much you are able to recover include what you do for a living, how seriously you were hurt, your doctor’s expectations for your recovery, and whether your own negligence contributed to your accident.

Do You Need to Retain a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Virginia in Order to Recover?

Motorcycle accident victims often wonder whether they need to take the time and spend the money associated with retaining a lawyer after a wreck. While there is no law that requires accident victims to retain an attorney, there are many reasons it is a good idea to do so. These include the following:
  • A lawyer will handle every aspect of the case for you, allowing you to focus on your recovery
  • An attorney will make sure that you are adequately compensated for all of your losses, including noneconomic losses like pain and suffering and losses of quality of life
  • A lawyer will let the insurance company know that you are ready to take the case to court if they are unwilling to make a reasonable settlement offer
  • There is no up-front cost associated with retaining one of our personal injury lawyers, and we will not collect legal fees unless we recover compensation for you

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