GM Recalls

GM Recalls

General Motors has recalled millions of vehicles worldwide in response to claims and investigations alleging that faulty parts in their vehicles have caused several deaths and injuries. GM is alleged to have used substandard parts and that the company was aware of the real and potential dangers that these substandard parts posed to consumers. As of August 2014, GM instituted 66 recalls, totaling 39 million vehicles worldwide, almost 14 million of which were produced in the United States. 2.6 million of the vehicles were recalled due to a faulty ignition switch that causes cars to shut off while driving and disables airbags. The faulty ignition has been linked to at least 60 deaths. The latest recall is for a wiring problem that has affected 2.7 million cars and has been linked to 13 deaths. The wiring problem allegedly causes the brake light to malfunction, resulting in the light not turning on when the brakes are applied or turning on when the car is motion. Electronic stability control, cruise control, traction control, and panic breaking assistance operation may also be affected by the faulty wiring. The Department of Justice, federal investigators and Congress have begun to investigate GM for the recall delay and violations for a potential cover-up and wrong doing. As a manufacturer, GM is liable for an injury caused by the products that it manufactures. Therefore, GM is liable for any injuries suffered by consumers due the faulty and substandard parts used in their vehicles. A fund has been established by GM to pay valid claims involving the faulty ignition switch. If you or a family member has been injured due to the malfunction of one of the recalled GM vehicles, contact our experienced attorneys to discuss potential litigation for the compensation of damages. Here's a complete list of all GM's recalls as compiled by CNN


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