How an Injury can Cause You to Lose Income

How an Injury can Cause You to Lose Income

Each year, countless Americans are forced to visit doctors and emergency rooms due to injury. While many of these injuries are minor and require relatively little recovery time, some may be more severe and require lengthier recovery periods. In some cases, an injured individual may be unable to work, and he or she will lose income as a result.

An injury may keep an individual from working. This can occur whenever an individual suffers an injury that requires lengthier recovery, bed rest, or is one that limits an individual's ability to perform his or her duties at work. If the individual is unable to attend work, he or she is likely to lose income. This becomes even more problematic as the individual's injury will likely result in other medical bills and expenses.

Injuring Your Wages

Both your current and future wages may be affected by an injury. Therefore, it is important to understand how you may be impacted.

Lost wages. When an individual incurs lost wages, he or she is losing income for the period of time during which he or she has not worked. For employees who work on an hourly basis, or even for salaried employees without a term disability plan, being unable to work may mean that no income is being earned. Even still, a term disability plan, whether short or long-term, may only cover a portion of the salaried employee's income. This means that the injured employee will recover some income but not his or her full earning potential.

Lost future earnings. Injuries may result in permanent disability, which also affects an individual's income and earning potential. If an individual becomes permanently disabled, he or she may no longer be able to obtain or retain his or her previous employment. Thus, he or she may not be able to make as much money as before his or her injury. As a result, the injured party often loses out.

Lost opportunities. Sometimes, the loss of income comes from lost opportunities. For example, individuals unable to attend job interviews or to take advantage of other job opportunities may miss out entirely on a new, improved, or different source of income.

The loss of income caused by another's injury does not mean that an injured party cannot receive compensation. Instead, an individual injured due to another's negligence may recover damages in the above-discussed scenarios. Virginia courts have recognized that individuals can recover both lost wages and lost future earnings. When valuing a claim, injured individuals should consider, at least, the following:

  • Base salary or wages
  • Bonuses
  • Commissions
  • Fringe benefits

It is very important to keep detailed records of these loses in order to develop the strongest possible case in your favor.

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