Innovations in Bicycle Safety

Innovations in Bicycle Safety

Commuting by bicycle is becoming more and more popular in urban areas, and bike safety is necessarily a primary concern. Bike commuters are, after all, sharing the road with much larger, heavier, faster, and thus more dangerous motorized vehicles. As such, bike companies continue to innovate new safety devices and mechanisms that allow cyclists added protections on the road.

To the Left . . .

We all know that there are arm signals that cyclists are meant to employ when they’re preparing to change lanes or turn, but few drivers understand them and, thus, few cyclists bother to use them. Enter bike gloves with flashing signals for left and right turns (on the left and right gloves, respectively). You no longer need to contort your left arm on the off chance that drivers around you know what the signals mean; these gloves have blinking LED left and right signals built right into them.

Operating Instructions

These left and right turn indicators can be switched on easily by pushing index finger and thumb on the left or right hand together. The gloves, known as Zackees, use rechargeable coin-cell batteries and are even washable. Best of all, however, Zackees allow cyclists to unequivocally announce their intentions to change lanes and make turns.

Lit Up

Innovations haven’t stopped at literal hand signals. A first-of-its-kind retro-reflective city bike, the Lumen, has recently hit the biking scene. In fact, the Lumen is the world’s first commercially available retro-reflective bicycle. By day, the Lumen is a slightly iridescent charcoal gray, but by night, the bike’s frame and rims glow to dramatic effect when hit by a direct light source. There’s no need to turn this on or off and there are no batteries required. The Lumen’s integrated illumination helps keep it highly visible.

Reflected Light

Not all light reflection is created equal. Retro-reflection—rather than bouncing, diffusing, or scattering light the way most reflection works—returns the light directly to its source. Because retro-reflected light focuses back on the light source, its reflective power is greatly increased. The Lumen is painted with so many microscopic spheres that boomerang light back to its source in a cat’s eye effect that it can be seen for up to 1,000 feet. Biking is a wonderful way to stay active, cut commute times, and decrease your carbon footprint, but it can also be very dangerous. Innovations like these help to keep cyclists safer in very modern ways.

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