May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month Spring is a great time to take to the road on your motorcycle. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the ice and snow of winter are behind us. Many people consider hitting Virginia roads on a motorcycle at this time of year one of life’s greatest pleasures. It seems appropriate, then, that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. And it isn’t just for motorcycle riders to increase their safety awareness. In fact, it isn’t even mainly intended to increase safety awareness for motorcycle riders. The main threat to motorcycle riders is drivers on the road in trucks and automobiles. When a motorcycle is involved in a collision with a car or truck, it usually is the non-motorcycle driver who violates the motorcycle’s right of way. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration urges people to think motorcycles to help address this problem.

Motorcycle Safety Is Every Driver’s Business

Federal statistics show that motorcyclists are 26 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled, and almost five times more likely to suffer injuries. Disturbingly often, the motorcyclist was a victim of the auto driver’s inattention or negligence. While motorcycles constituted only about 3 percent of all registered vehicles and accounted for less than 1 percent of all vehicle miles traveled in 2015, motorcyclists accounted for 14 percent of all traffic deaths, 17 percent of all occupant fatalities, and 4 percent of all occupant injuries that year. That amounted to nearly 5,000 motorcycle riders and passengers who died in crashes in 2015, while about 88,000 riders and passengers suffered injuries. While part of this imbalance comes because of the lack of protection a motorcyclist provides compared to a car, part of it also stems from auto drivers’ inattention to motorcyclists.

Motorcyclists Must Actively Ensure Their Safety

Despite taking appropriate care, thousands of people die or suffer injuries every year while riding motorcycles. Quite often, these accidents take place through no fault of motorcycle drivers. Nevertheless, take steps to attempt to avoid accidents when riding your motorcycle, including:
  • Share the road and remain alert
  • Make yourself visible
  • Wear a safety helmet
  • Always rider sober
  • Always properly maintain your motorcycle, keeping your safety equipment in good working order
Many people injured in motorcycle accidents suffer lifelong, debilitating injuries. A motorcyclist who takes all of the proper precautions and still suffers an injury may recover compensation for injuries.

If a Motorcycle Accident Injured You in the Richmond area, Contact the Personal Injury Lawyers of Emroch & Kilduff

Despite exercising all of the appropriate measures of care, motorcyclists still sustain accident injuries. Often, you share no fault for the accident. If you believe that someone else’s negligence contributed to your injury, consult an attorney to determine your options. Emroch & Kilduff specialize in personal injury law. Their lawyers can help protect your rights and obtain just compensation for your injuries and other damages. Call us at (804) 358-1568 or write us through our online contact form.

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