More Than A Suit — Career Day


Ward Marstiller, Jr., at Chimborazo Elementary Career Day

Ward Marstiller, Jr., at Chimborazo Elementary Career Day
“Do you know what I do for a living”? Ward Marstiller, Jr., asked the children attending Career Day at Chimborazo Elementary School on June 14, 2011. Hands were quickly raised across the room. For many, his attire — a classic suit and vintage briefcase — was a giveaway: “You’re a lawyer!” they responded.

Ward, an attorney with Emroch & Kilduff, was making his fourth annual appearance at Chimborazo’s Career Day. He’d brought along a few props, including two law books and a court model of a knee, to aid his presentation on what lawyers do. He opened his oldest book, looked through it with the group and asked them to guess what year it was published. Once they established it was from 1850, he asked if they could have been lawyers at that time. No, they learned. At that time, Virginia laws would have prevented their pursuing law. Next he brought out a 2008 law book and explained that times have changed and that their rights are protected. Lawyers help to make laws that establish and protect equal rights for all citizens — so any one of them can study the law if they choose.

In the end the suit really did make the lawyer, as the kids took turns putting on his suit coat, with law books and briefcase in hand.


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