Confidential Settlement of $925,000

Attorney for Plaintiff, William B. Kilduff

The plaintiff, 46, a teacher, was injured while driving when the defendant made a left turn immediately in front of her vehicle, causing a crash at approximately 55 miles per hour.

The plaintiff’s head struck her steering wheel during impact. Consequently, she suffered a concussion, significant dental injuries to her front teeth, and fractures on both maxilla and mandible.

As a result of the injuries, the plaintiff subsequently had five dental surgeries over the course of two years, including the removal of all of her upper teeth. She was left with a permanent prosthesis. Additionally, she suffers TMJ dysfunction, and she will have to be seen regularly by a prosthodontist to attempt to preserve the implants.

The defendant argued that the plaintiff’s alleged lack of dental care and need for extensive dental work prior to the accident was what drove the need for several of the surgeries post-accident.