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While considered rare, airline injuries are a real risk among air travelers. Each year, a small number of airline passengers suffer minor to severe and sometimes fatal injuries. These injuries are caused by several types of incidents— baggage falling from overhead compartments, accidents while moving about the cabin, turbulence, and other instances involving aircraft equipment.

  • Approximately 4,500 passengers are injured each year from baggage falling from overhead compartments.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) states that nearly 58 passengers each year are injured by turbulence—when pilots have announced the seat-belt sign is off.
  • Half of all plane accidents are caused by pilot error—these can range anywhere from mechanical mistakes to poor decision making regarding weather conditions.

The FAA and commercial airlines can be held responsible for a number of airplane injuries. Injuries resulting from collisions on the runway, being negligent and allowing something to happen that causes injury, or by failing to do something to prevent injury are a few scenarios. Acts of weather, such as turbulence, do not usually fall under the responsibility of the FAA or airline, unless the pilot or controller failed to predict the turbulence due to lack of vigilance. In some situations, airplane injuries are not due in part to negligence of the pilot, rather airplane equipment and product liability.

If you or a loved one is injured boarding, departing or while in-transit on an airplane, you may be entitled to a legal claim against the airline or the FAA. Legal claims involving aviation requires a thorough understanding of aircraft function and safety, FAA regulations, and specific rules related to aviation litigation.

This is why representation by a personal injury attorney in Petersburg is essential to getting the compensation you deserve for your airplane related injury

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