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A bicyclist is killed in a bicycle accident every six hours in the United States. Vehicle and bike accidents represent one-third of all accidents, but represent the majority of deaths. More than half a million people will visit an emergency room each year because of bicycle-car collisions.

These are some alarming statistics. To keep bicyclists safe, Virginia law enforces regulations and general guidelines regarding bicycling on public roadways. These laws define the rights and duties of both bicyclists and the others with whom they share the road. Even when bicyclists obey traffic signs, signals and lights, accidents still occur.

According to the Virginia Bicycle Law

“A bicyclist in Virginia has all of the rights and duties applicable to the driver of a motor vehicle and is subject to the provision of the Code of Virginia sections on motor vehicles, unless the context of the provision clearly indicates otherwise.”

There are also regulations for appropriate use of bicycle equipment. Depending on the time of day, bicyclists are required to have lights on the front of the bike, and red reflectors on the rear. In Virginia, bicyclists are not required to wear helmets. Although in some locations they are mandatory for persons under the age of 14.

Roadway hazards, weather conditions and distracted motorists or bicyclists are all contributors to the number of accidents. These factors paired with the intricacies of laws and restrictions make it difficult to know who is legally at fault in a bicycle accident. Whether it is negligence on behalf of the cyclist or the driver, it’s not always easy to identify who is legally at fault or infraction the laws.

It may be more difficult to receive compensation for damages from the accident, since both the driver and bicyclist are each held accountable to act reasonably and within state roadway regulations.

By working with an Virginia bicycle accident attorney in Petersburg, experienced in bicycle accident litigation, you can better understand and pursue your legal rights.

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