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Recovering Damages in My Slip and Fall Case

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An individual injured in a slip and fall case, known as a plaintiff, will attempt to recover damages for any injuries sustained in the accident. The plaintiff will often encounter significant resistance from the defendant individual or business. The personal injury attorneys at Emroch & Kilduff may help you to overcome the defendant’s objective—to minimize […]

An Overview of Negligence

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Negligence forms the basis for the majority of personal injury cases. Generally, a person acts negligently whenever he or she behaves in a manner which deviates from how a “reasonably prudent person” would act in the same situation. Society has developed a standard of care that individuals owe to one another. Essentially, our society established […]

The Risk of a Broken Hip in a Fall

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When you take a fall, you are subject to potential injury—including serious injury like a broken hip. Falls regularly happen due to negligent care of hazardous walkways. Such hazards can include wet and slippery conditions, inadequate lighting, cracked and uneven walking surfaces, and walkway obstacles and debris. While many injuries can result from a fall, […]


The law defines negligence as the failure to exercise the care that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in certain circumstances. Negligence is unintentional and caused by carelessness. The general principle surrounding negligence states that people should act and conduct themselves in a manner that takes into account potential harm that could be inflicted on […]