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Drivers and Bicyclists can be Dangerous Mix

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We hear the slogan “Share the Road.” But many car and truck drivers don’t heed that call. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that each year bicyclists represent: Two percent of all traffic fatalities Two percent of all accident injuries More than 1,100 deaths More than 52,000 injuries Americans increasingly use […]

Defects on Richmond Roadways Can Cause Serious Car Accidents

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As drivers, we know to pay attention to the roadway for ever-changing hazards and conditions. Road dangers exist everywhere—and if they persist for too long, a government agency (or authority) and others may face liability for injuries and accidents. What Are Typical Road Defects? The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration identifies many common […]

Are Pedestrian Accidents Avoidable?

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Accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles are often devastating—mostly for the people on foot. In a city like Richmond, every time you leave your home, you are at some risk of getting hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle—even if the only time you are on foot is between your parking space and destination. Fortunately, […]

How Does My Insurance Settlement Work?

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Individuals injured in car accidents will most often seek compensation from the at-fault party who caused the accident. Because drivers are required to maintain car insurance, injured parties will receive much of their compensation from insurance companies. While this should require following a relatively straightforward process, this is not always the case. Car accident cases […]

Gun Accidents During Hunting Season

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Gun Accidents During Hunting Season It is finally that time of year when Virginia hunters will take to the forest in search of big game. There is no doubt that hunting is a favorite Virginia pastime, as well as an exciting outlet for sportsmen. However, with hunting season comes the prevalence of hunting accidents, and […]

Slips and Falls in Nursing Homes

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Slips and Falls in Nursing Homes Slip and fall accidents in nursing homes are unfortunately all too common. Nursing homes have a responsibility to assess a resident’s risk of falls. If a resident is a “fall risk,” nursing homes have a responsibility to make sure that person is never left alone when he or she […]

Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI

What Does a Settlement Amount Look Like After a Car Accident That Caused a Concussion?

Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI Car accidents have the potential to result in very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries—or TBIs. In the car accident context, traumatic brain injuries often come about when the force of the impact causes the accident victim to strike his or her head on the door, ceiling (especially […]

An Overview of Negligence

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Negligence forms the basis for the majority of personal injury cases. Generally, a person acts negligently whenever he or she behaves in a manner which deviates from how a “reasonably prudent person” would act in the same situation. Society has developed a standard of care that individuals owe to one another. Essentially, our society established […]

How an Injury can Cause You to Lose Income

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Each year, countless Americans are forced to visit doctors and emergency rooms due to injury. While many of these injuries are minor and require relatively little recovery time, some may be more severe and require lengthier recovery periods. In some cases, an injured individual may be unable to work, and he or she will lose […]

Common Questions about Pedestrian Accidents

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From a very early age, parents teach their children a very important lesson – look both ways before you cross the street. Opting to walk somewhere instead of driving your car is a fantastic way to get some exercise and fresh air while reducing your carbon footprint. Whenever you decide to walk, you expose yourself […]