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How a Fall Can Lead to Permanent Paralysis

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The proverbial banana peel or ice-slick sidewalk in cartoons can be the source of much laughter. But in real life, slips and falls often cause catastrophic injuries, most notably permanent paralysis. Falls are one of the leading causes of permanent paralysis due to injury to the spine. Tragically, most of these falls are preventable and […]

Slips and Falls in Nursing Homes

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Slips and Falls in Nursing Homes Slip and fall accidents in nursing homes are unfortunately all too common. Nursing homes have a responsibility to assess a resident’s risk of falls. If a resident is a “fall risk,” nursing homes have a responsibility to make sure that person is never left alone when he or she […]

The Seriousness of a Concussion May Surprise You

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The Seriousness of a Concussion May Surprise You While many people don’t worry too much when they consider the effects of concussions, these brain injuries can, nevertheless, be extremely dangerous. In fact, concussions related to high-impact sports such as football have received a lot of recent media attention for their potential to cause serious, long-lasting […]

If You Fall in a Store, Know Your Rights

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Premises liability can arise when you are on someone else’s property—including a business open to the public—and suffer an injury that arises from the property owner’s negligence. While you might think this has little impact on your life, accidental injuries were the fourth leading cause of death in the United States in 2014, including premises-liability […]

Slip and Fall Accidents

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over a million people suffer injuries from slip and fall accidents every year. A small percentage of these accidents result in death.  Most of these cases involve a slippery surface, uneven ground or objects obstructing a normally clear walking path.  Slip and fall accidents happen often […]