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Workers’ Compensation Vital Issues: Social Security

Work Related Injury Attorneys in Virginia

If you are seriously injured at work, in addition to workers’ compensation benefits, you may also be entitled to other benefits such as Social Security. Social Security benefits are different than workers’ compensation benefits and the process of receiving these important benefits can be complicated. Generally, if a person is unable to work anywhere as […]

Giving a Recorded Statement for Worker’s Compensation

Giving a Recorded Statement for Worker’s Compensation Workplace accidents happen all the time.  Sometimes the accident is the fault of an employee’s co-workers, sometimes it the fault of third parties, and sometimes, the accident is no one’s “fault”—it may just be a hazard associated with the work you have been hired to do.   Thankfully, […]

Workers’ Compensation in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry employs nearly 13 million people which make up about 10% of the entire United States workforce. Restaurants are currently one of the largest private-sector employers in the country. The restaurant industry is also one of the largest sectors of work where employees are injured. There are many risks associated with owning, managing […]


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