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There are 250,000 Americans living with spinal cord injuries. Each year, 11,000 new injuries are reported. 52% of those with spinal cord injuries are paraplegics and 47% are considered quadriplegics. There are several levels of injury based on specific damage caused to the spinal cord. Regardless of the extent or type of injury, damage to the spinal cord is life-changing and results in the inability to enjoy many of life’s simple pleasures.

The average age of a person suffering a spinal cord injury is 31, and males represent the vast majority of victims. Spinal cord injuries have various causes, but typically result from major trauma associated with motor vehicle accidents, falls, sports injuries, diving, and violence. Motor vehicle accidents remain the primary cause of spinal cord injuries.

As if the physical and emotional stress that follows a spinal cord injury isn’t difficult enough, the associated medical costs last a lifetime. The initial hospitalization period following a spinal cord injury is 15 days and costs the victim $140,000. The first year living with a spinal cord injury can result in close to $200,000 worth of medical-related costs. These costs don’t even take into consideration the need for constant assistance due to a permanent disability, or the tremendous loss of enjoyment of life that one feels when incapable of using their entire body.

Besides significant medical costs, there are many other types of damages that may be awarded in a spinal cord injury case. These potential damages include loss of income, future earning potential, pain and suffering, as well as continual care costs. Working with experienced personal injury attorneys that understands the devastation and lifelong impact of a spinal cord injury can greatly affect the future of their life living with such a serious and debilitating injury.

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