The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney Experienced in Cycling Accidents

The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney Experienced in Cycling Accidents

Virginia is an attractive destination for bicycling.  The state boasts an impressive network of trails, lanes and routes for all levels of cyclists, from experienced bikers to beginners and children.  The commonwealth is home to 838 miles of United States Bicycle Routes, The Virginia Capital Trail, and a variety of on and off road trails.  Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a new fan of the sport, Virginia has something that appeals to everyone when it comes to cycling. While the convenience and accessibility of cycling opportunities in Virginia are generous, so are the risks.  According to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles crash facts report in 2011, there were a total of 749 crashes, 6 deaths and 757 injuries involving bicyclists.  Roadways were the primary location for crashes, accounting for over 90% of the accidents.  Concrete and gravel trails accounted for less, but injuries were still sustained while biking on these terrains.   Bicycle crashes can lead to injuries ranging from minor cuts, bruises and rashes to very severe injuries such as broken bones and fractures, as well as head and spinal cord injuries.  Most crashes are determined to be the fault of a driver or someone other than the cyclist.  The unfortunate truth is that when an accident occurs, oftentimes the cyclist is viewed differently than someone that was say, injured in a car accident.  Bicyclists aren’t always given the fair treatment and compensation they deserve when involved in a cycling accident. Working with a personal injury attorney who knows the laws, rules and regulations that govern bike and vehicle travel is critical to getting what you deserve from a biking accident.  Whether you are an avid long-distance cyclist or simply ride for pleasure on weekends, every cyclist that is involved in a crash deserves to have their case taken seriously.   The attorneys at Emroch & Kilduff are familiar with the intricacies surrounding cycling accidents and can help you better pursue your legal rights.

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