Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries

Traumatic Head and Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injury happens when a bump, blow, jolt, or other injury causes damage to the brain. Millions of people suffer brain injuries each year. Some of these are minor concussions, but more than half are serious enough that the injured party must seek immediate medical attention. The worst injuries can lead to permanent brain damage or death. Even though half of all head and brain injuries are a result of a driving accident, they occur in non-driving related circumstances as well. People working in the construction industry are more prone to traumatic head or brain injuries because of the nature of their work. Athletics, in particular intense contact sports, like football, boxing, and hockey, carry high probability of athletes suffering brain injuries.  Nature also poses unpreventable risks. Environmental injuries, like lightning, can cause serious brain trauma and even result in death. Brain injuries are especially frightening due to their indiscriminate nature. They can happen to anyone, in any circumstances, at any time. As with any serious injury, a brain injury in causes a lifetime of changes for the victim and their family. The result is overcoming physical, cognitive and behavioral challenges for the rest of your life. • 2 million head injuries occur each year in the U.S. • 300,000 people suffer brain injuries that require hospitalization • 99,000 of those result in a lifelong disability • 56,000 people die each year as a result of traumatic brain injury Brain injuries are devastating and life changing. Whether it is a direct result of a car accident, sporting incident, or residual effects of a concussion, an experienced personal injury attorney can guide you through the legal process, including dealing with insurance companies, medical practices and defendants. Need Help?  By working with an attorney that is experienced in traumatic brain injuries, you can better understand and pursue your legal rights. Call Emroch & Kilduff for additional Information at (804)358-1568, or by e-mail at

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