Were You Injured While Walking by a Construction Site?

Were You Injured While Walking by a Construction Site?

  Construction sites are dangerous places, and construction workers are well aware of this fact. When you’re forced to walk by a construction site in the course of your daily life, however, you probably assume that it’s safe to do so. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. Construction sites can also be dangerous for passersby. If you’ve been so injured, you need experienced legal counsel.

When the Public Is injured

As mentioned, construction work is dangerous, and construction workers are often injured on the job. Walking near a construction site, however, can also be dangerous. There are a variety of construction-related situations that can harm the public:
  • Debris or construction materials that fall from heights, such as ladders, rooftops, scaffolding, and more
  • Exposure to dangerous emissions, chemicals, or substances
  • Exposure to live wires and electricity
  • Accidents caused by construction vehicles or equipment
  • The absence of important safety warnings
  • Collapsing or faulty fences
  • Cement-related accidents
Construction sites have a lot going on, and they can even be dangerous for the unsuspecting public. When you’re out for your daily stroll—or just dashing into work—take special caution when you’re walking near a construction site.


Construction companies are obligated to maintain reasonably safe surroundings so that the general public, who must pass by, are able to do so without undue risk. When construction sites fail to meet this safety standard, they can be held liable for any injuries that ensue. If you’ve been injured while walking past a construction site, you need experienced legal counsel. Premises liability cases are often extremely complicated, but your wellbeing and your just compensation matter.

Your Premises Liability Case

To bring a successful premises liability claim, three elements must typically apply. In this situation, the construction company must have had a duty to implement reasonable care—as it does to the general public that must pass by its site. Second, the construction company must have breached that duty and not have maintained reasonably safe surroundings for the general public. Finally, you must be able to show that the construction company’s negligence in applying reasonable care caused the injuries you sustained. If all three elements are present, you likely have cause to bring a premises liability claim against the construction company.

Your Damages

The damages incurred when walking by a dangerous construction site can be extremely serious. Besides the physical injuries and attendant medical expenses, you are likely to lose hours and wages on the job. If your injuries are serious, you could face a diminished earning potential for your future. Additionally, such accidents are often emotionally traumatizing. Your skilled premises liability attorney will help ensure that your claim adequately covers the totality of the damages you’ve incurred.

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