What Causes Bus Accidents?

What Causes Bus Accidents?

It’s a scenario that no one wants to think about, you’ve stepped onto a bus and are headed out to work or starting a trip to an exciting place. You just want to sit and relax, read a book, and enjoy the scenery passing before you. All of the sudden, something isn’t right. Bus accidents can often be catastrophic resulting in serious injuries. Recently, we heard about a tourist bus in Mexico crashing and killing 12 people on the way to a Mayan archeological site. This international news has sparked some new conversation about bus safety, and prompts the question - what causes this type of accident?

Leading Factors That Cause Bus Accidents

While there is not one specific scenario or event that causes a bus accident, there are many different factors that all can result in this type of situation. These might include:

An inexperienced or unqualified bus driver - In Virginia, in order to drive a shuttle bus or a passenger van that has less than 16 people, you do not need a commercial driver’s license. You can legally operate this size of a vehicle with a regular driver’s license. Those people who do not have experience driving a larger vehicle that is full of passengers are more likely to have an accident.

Old or faulty equipment - Every time an airplane takes off it must first undergo a thorough safety check to make sure all of the equipment is working properly. Bus maintenance should be provided regularly, but this is not always the case. Vehicles that have old tires, faulty brakes, and unattended features are more likely to break down and cause an accident.

Unattended roadways that are in need of maintenance - When a bus is traveling at a high speed, a pothole or a crack in the road can lead to an accident. There is little time for the driver to react in this situation. Accidents are also more likely to happen in urban areas where it is difficult to maneuver a bus, and when other traffic is moving at high speeds.

Why Are Bus Accidents so Dangerous?

What is the first thing that you do when you get into your car? The answer should be that you buckle your seatbelt. Many public and private buses do not have seatbelts, which makes the event of an accident even more dangerous. In addition to this, it is very difficult to escape from a bus, especially if it has rolled over or is on its side. There is usually just one door, and the windows are not easily removed. At times, there might be an emergency exit at the back of the bus as well, but that isn’t always easily accessible.

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