What is Premises Liability?

What is Premises Liability? Premises liability refers to any incident or injury that occurs due to the negligence of a property owner.  This means that anyone who owns a home, store, restaurant, hotel, commercial building, or even a parking lot, can be found negligent for harm caused to another person while on the property.  It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure a secure environment with reasonable standards of safety for anyone visiting the property.  The owner of the property is ultimately responsible, but depending on the type of property, this can also include managers or other on-site employees. Accidents and injuries that happen on another person’s property are very common.  Incidents include, but are not limited to, slips and falls, inadequate security, faulty equipment or furniture, fires, exposure to hazardous materials, swimming pool accidents, icy sidewalks, roadway defects and poorly lit staircases.   Premises liability is all encompassing and even includes animals.  People who own dogs or other animals that are capable of causing damage and harm are responsible for the actions of their pets.  Dog attack and dog bite cases are very common, and oftentimes arrive in court with the representation of a liability attorney. A property owner may contest that they were unaware of the issue that caused the injury, or prove ignorant of general premises liability laws.  If the defendant claims to have no knowledge of what caused the injury, it doesn’t mean that the plaintiff should walk away from a potential lawsuit.  Remember, these cases are difficult to prove and usually involve complex legal intricacies and insurance issues.  If you or someone you love has been injured on another person’s property, speak to a personal injury attorney about your situation. Our personal injury attorneys see a variety of premises cases, and would urge you to seek their representation to work towards receiving compensation for damages and suffering.

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