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Do Most Car Accident Cases Go to Court?

Car Accident Lawyer may get your Virginia’s Car Accident Injury Claim settled as early as possible.

Despite what TV shows and ads may lead you to believe, most car accident cases in Virginia do not go to court. However, this doesn’t mean your case won’t go to trial, and you need to have a car accident attorney prepare your claim thoroughly from the start to show the insurance company you mean […]

Do I Call My Insurance Company if the Accident Was Not My Fault?

Call Your Insurance Company if the Accident in Virginia Was Not Your Fault

If you get into a car accident in Virginia, you should always contact your own insurance company and report it—no matter how serious the accident or who was at fault. Virginia allows vehicle owners to drive without auto insurance if they pay a $500 no-insurance fee, so there’s a chance the other driver will not […]

Can I Sue After a Car Accident?

Sue After a Car Accident in Virginia

If someone caused a car accident that injured you or someone you love, you could obtain compensation from them. In most cases, insurance covers car accidents, and your attorney will first file a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. However, Virginia does not require drivers to maintain auto insurance, which means you may have […]

Factors That Can Cause a Car to Roll Over

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A vehicle can roll or flip onto its side or roof for many reasons. An investigation may need to determine the cause of a rollover. Finding the right car accident lawyer to represent you and protect your interests is essential to discovering the truth and ultimately getting compensation for your injuries. The National Highway Traffic […]

How Do Car Accident Settlements Work?

How Do Car Accident Settlements Work

Dealing with a car accident can be incredibly difficult—not to mention more complex than you may initially have anticipated. You may find yourself with questions about how the process works, how long it may take to get a settlement offer in hand, and what happens if you do not accept the initial settlement offer made […]

Average Settlement for Neck and Back Injuries After Car Accidents

Average Settlement for Neck and Back Injuries After Car Accidents

Neck and back injuries from car accidents can be insidious. With adrenaline running through your system, you may not feel the pain of an injury until days or even weeks later. Once the adrenaline wears off, spinal injuries can cause extreme pain and create permanent mobility issues. Therefore, obtain medical treatment and contact an attorney […]

When to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident

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If you are one of the thousands of Virginia residents who are in a car accident, you might wonder when you should consider hiring an attorney. Generally, you should do so after any accident injures you or a loved one to ensure the insurance company doesn’t drag its feet or fail to pay you what […]

How to Get the Most Money From a Car Accident Injury Claim

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Car accidents—we see them on Virginia roadways from time to time, but we never expect we will crash. When you are in a crash, the accident scene is more chaotic than you might expect. From the minute someone crashes into your car, everything you say and do can hurt your health and legal rights. Everything […]

Who Pays for a Three-car Accident?

Who Pays for a Three-car Accident

The scene of any car accident is chaotic, and since you suffered an injury, you are not completely aware of how the accident happened or who caused the accident in the first place. Once doctors treat your injuries, you hear that two additional cars were in the collision, your car being in the middle. These […]

Who Bears Liability for Virginia Car Accidents in Certain Scenarios?

Who Bears Liability for Virginia Car Accidents in Certain Scenarios

Virginia is a great place to live, a great place to work, and a great vacation destination. It has everything anyone could want, including historical sites that stem from its position as one of the 13 original colonies. These historic attractions include Thomas Jefferson’s plantation, the Jamestown Settlement, and Colonial Williamsburg. These sites make Virginia […]