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Federal Regulations to Limit Truck Speeds Stall

Truck Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

In 2016, two agencies of the federal government proposed regulations that would put speed governors, which prevent vehicles from exceeding specified speed limits, on heavy trucks. However, since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration proposed those rules under the Obama administration, Donald Trump was elected president. The Trump […]

With Warm Weather on the Way, Time to Teach Your Children About Pool Safety Now

Personal Injury Attorney Richmond Virginia

Winter’s bite is still chomping down hard on many parts of the country, but spring and summer weather are soon approaching. It’s a perfect time to talk to your children about safety around swimming pools. Whether the pool is in your backyard, at the home of one of your children’s friends, or at the community […]

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Personal Injury Attorney Richmond Virginia

Spring is a great time to take to the road on your motorcycle. The weather is warm but not too hot, and the ice and snow of winter are behind us. Many people consider hitting Virginia roads on a motorcycle at this time of year one of life’s greatest pleasures. It seems appropriate, then, that […]

Research Finds Distracted Driving Among the Most Dangerous Driver Behaviors

Auto Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

Pretty much everyone is aware of the dangers of drunk driving. Society has made it a societal focus for decades now. Stricter laws, heightened enforcement and other measures, such as devices that make it impossible for drivers with a certain blood alcohol content to start their car, have dramatically reduced deaths and accidents related to […]

Don’t Skimp When It’s Time to Purchase Insurance

Auto Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

The legal team at Emroch & Kilduff, LLP, has seen it too many times—people who survive a car accident and suddenly realize their insurance coverage is less than adequate. At this point, it is too late to go back and make the right decisions regarding your policies, and you can face extensive and unexpected costs. […]

What Is a “Never Event?”

Personal Injury Attorney Richmond Virginia

First introduced by the head of the National Quality Forum in 2001, the expression “never event” quickly came to describe egregious medical errors that simply should not happen. Medical professionals and the federal government have developed a list of never events that includes unambiguous, serious—often fatal—and preventable events that should never happen. The National Quality […]

Studies Indicate That Women Are More Affected by Concussions

Personal Injury Attorney Richmond Virginia

In a study by the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Injury Surveillance Program, officials found that in comparable sports, women suffered concussions at much higher rates than did men. During a five-year period, women suffered concussions in 6.3 per 1,000 athlete exposures versus 3.4 per 1,000 for men in soccer. In basketball, the rate was 6.0 […]

As Bicycle Use Rises, so Do Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

Bicycle use is on the rise, driven largely by the increasing number of people who commute to work on a bicycle. Recent Census Bureau statistics indicate that commuting to work on bicycles has risen since the bureau first released statistics in 2005. Still, Census Bureau statistics for 2015, the most recent year available, indicate that […]

Spring Breakers Can Increase Your Risk of Involvement in a Drunk Driving Accident

Auto Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

Spring break is a ritual for American college students from coast to coast—and one that often involves the overconsumption of alcohol. Usually falling sometime in March or April, this week or two off from school allows students a much-needed respite from the rigors of academic life, with many students heading to popular beach destinations in […]

Are Pedestrian Accidents Avoidable?

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Richmond Virginia

Accidents involving pedestrians and motor vehicles are often devastating—mostly for the people on foot. In a city like Richmond, every time you leave your home, you are at some risk of getting hit by a car, truck, or motorcycle—even if the only time you are on foot is between your parking space and destination. Fortunately, […]