What Compensation Can I Ask for After a Truck Accident?

What Compensation Can I Ask for After a Truck Accident?

  Large trucks crashed 2,300 times in Virginia during a recent year, injuring 822 and killing 45. After such a truck accident, you want to know you received all of the compensation you deserve for any damages you incurred. Unfortunately, many people aren’t sure what compensation they can realistically ask for after the accident involving a large truck. If you were injured in a truck accident, you may be entitled to recover several types of compensation.

Property Damage

The most common and predictable type of damage to a car in a collision involving a large truck is damage to your vehicle. Because of the significant disparity in the size and weight of a truck compared to a car, it’s likely the damage to your car is significant. In addition, your car may have been carrying other valuable personal property that the accident also destroyed. You may be entitled to recover the cost of repairing or replacing all of this property from the party responsible for causing the accident.

Medical Expenses

A truck accident can cause serious injuries to occupants of the cars involved. Those injuries can lead to extreme expense for the victims, even if they have insurance that covers some of the cost of medical care. Just the initial trip to the hospital emergency department, alone, can max out your deductible. Other expenses may pile up over time, including those for:
  • X-rays and other diagnostic tests
  • Ongoing care for serious injuries
  • Time spent in the hospital
  • Physical therapy
  • Repeat visits to your doctors
  • Assistive devices and home modifications

Lost Time at Work/Earning Capacity

You may have to miss work as a result of the injuries you sustained in a truck accident. If the accident left you with permanent disabilities, you may never be able to return to work in your former capacity. As a result, you may have the right to recover the value of the income you would have earned if the accident hadn’t happened.

Pain and Suffering

You’ve likely suffered physical and emotional pain as a result of your injuries. You should be paid damages for that pain. It’s not easy to put a precise number on how much you should receive, an experienced personal injury law firm can help you come up with a reasonable estimate. Of course, money won’t put an end to anguish or discomfort. But, it can help you make necessary modifications to your life to help make it easier to move forward.

Damages Associated With Loss of Life

Did the truck accident cause a tragic loss of someone you love? If so, then you may also have the right to recover funeral and burial expenses from the parties responsible. In some cases, if a loved one dies, you may also seek to recover damages for loss of companionship and loss of that person’s income.

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