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What Compensation Can I Recover for Surgical Errors?

compensation for surgical errors

When you sign a release approving surgery, you put your life in your surgeon’s hands. You trust your doctor because you have no choice. You can only hope that you’re not lying there, unconscious and vulnerable, when they have an off day. Surgeons don’t come to work planning to make surgical errors. Like all humans, […]

Results of Head-on Truck Collisions

Head on truck Accident

  Head on collisions are no joke. They are the most dangerous of all types of car accidents, and occur when the fronts of two vehicles collide. When these accidents involve a big truck, the sheer size can make the accidents devastating. Head on collisions often occur on highways when truck drivers traveling at high […]

Congress Trampling on Injured Virginians’ Rights

Congress is pushing legislation right now that will make lawsuits – including yours and those of your family and friends – nearly impossible to pursue here in Virginia. These bills will “pre-empt” Virginia law, and rig the system against individuals like you. These laws tip the scales in favor of powerful corporate defendants—insurance companies and […]

Potential New Speeding Threshold for Reckless Driving

Speeding Threshold for Reckless Driving in Virginia

Potential New Law to Increase Speeding Threshold for Reckless Driving in Virginia The Virginia Senate passed legislation last Wednesday that would raise the threshold for charging a driver with reckless driving. House Bill 1185 amended the reckless driving speed from 81mph to 85mph on Virginia Highways where the speed limit is 70. The bill passed […]

Large Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Virginia

Brain Injury Claimant obtains largest known Workers’ Compensation Settlement in Virginia The Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission on September 4, 2012 approved a settlement for the benefit of Jacob Steele in the amount of $6,234,989.00.  Mr. Steele suffered a severe traumatic brain injury after being struck in the head by a bilge pump on September 21, […]

22nd Annual Duck Race is a Huge Success for Big Brothers/Big Sisters

Emroch & Kilduff sponsorship included driving and texting exhibits and giveaways! Close to 20,000 rubber duckies took to the waters July 30th to benefit the region’s Boys and Girls Club – and estimates say that close to 8,000 people came out to support this popular Richmond event. The rubber ducks were dropped into the Haxall […]