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Four Kinds of Driver Negligence That Can Cause Serious Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

Virginia’s beautiful scenery makes bicycling a great hobby for people who spend time in the state. More and more, people are even commuting to school or work on their bikes. Unfortunately, careless drivers put all cyclists at risk of serious injuries. According to Department of Motor Vehicle statistics, 2014 saw 745 collisions in Virginia. The […]

Drivers and Bicyclists can be Dangerous Mix

Personal Injury Attorney Richmond Virginia

We hear the slogan “Share the Road.” But many car and truck drivers don’t heed that call. Recent statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that each year bicyclists represent: Two percent of all traffic fatalities Two percent of all accident injuries More than 1,100 deaths More than 52,000 injuries Americans increasingly use […]

As Bicycle Use Rises, so Do Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle Accident Attorney Richmond Virginia

Bicycle use is on the rise, driven largely by the increasing number of people who commute to work on a bicycle. Recent Census Bureau statistics indicate that commuting to work on bicycles has risen since the bureau first released statistics in 2005. Still, Census Bureau statistics for 2015, the most recent year available, indicate that […]

The Importance of a Personal Injury Attorney Experienced in Cycling Accidents

Virginia is an attractive destination for bicycling.  The state boasts an impressive network of trails, lanes and routes for all levels of cyclists, from experienced bikers to beginners and children.  The commonwealth is home to 838 miles of United States Bicycle Routes, The Virginia Capital Trail, and a variety of on and off road trails.  […]