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Was Your Car Accident Caused by a Driver Impaired by Prescription Meds?

The dangers of alcohol and illegal drugs like cocaine or heroin are well known, and most people would readily concede that they could impair a person’s ability to drive. But what about prescription meds? Prescription meds sound less dangerous. After all, they are legal. However, according to AAA, prescription drugs have many negative side effects, […]

Drowsy Driving a Larger Public Safety Issue than Feds Estimate

Exhausted Overworked Female Driver, Naps On Wheel

A new study suggests that drowsiness pays a role in a much larger percentage of car accidents than the federal government previously estimated. In fact, the study shows that drowsy driving accidents take place at almost eight times the rate of current federal estimates. With so many sleepy people on the road, drivers must remain […]

Unseen Danger: Drowsy Drivers Put Everyone at Risk

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Spring is here and summer is around the corner—with extra hours of daylight. The open road beckons, and with it, the lure of more driving. Unfortunately, few of us get enough sleep, and many get behind the wheel after a late night out. Most drivers push themselves despite fatigue, medication, illness, and stress. Combine a […]

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