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Chippenham Hospital Power Outage Puts Patients at Serious Risk

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  On July 10, 2018, reports indicate that a construction worker hit an underground power line in Richmond, Virginia. While this type of accident may happen more than you know, this incident cut power to Chippenham Hospital, including both the main power source and backup generator. The hospital ordered the emergency relocation of 11 patients […]

Medication Mistakes in Hospitals

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Virginia

Medication mistakes happen. Sometimes a doctor will prescribe the wrong medication or will prescribe the right medication at the wrong dosage. If you were harmed by a medication mistake, seek the experienced counsel of a Richmond, Virginia, medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible. Mistakes in Medication Mistakes in medication are some of the most […]

Pharmaceutical Negligence

Although many pharmacists take great care when filling prescriptions and explaining potential side effects to a patient, mistakes still occur at an alarming rate. Mixing up a prescription or filling the wrong medication can result in serious health complications that can be extremely expensive to treat, so if you suffered an illness or injury as […]


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