Is Your Child Playing Football? Know the Concussion Risks

Is Your Child Playing Football? Know the Concussion Risks

Friday night lights are back on, and both players and fans are ready for some football. If your child is on the team, however, it is important to understand the risks involved. Recently, the media has focused significant attention on the inherent risk of concussion that football players face. Parents, as well as coaches and trainers, must, therefore, arm themselves with the facts about children and concussions.

Concussions and Symptoms (or Lack Thereof)

Concussions are often difficult to identify since the symptoms can vary significantly from one victim to another. In some cases, few to no outward symptoms of a concussion will appear. That said, classic signs of a concussion include:
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Headaches
  • Light sensitivity
  • Mood swings
  • Balance issues
Medical professionals should swiftly be attended to any of these symptoms in a young athlete. Nonetheless, one of the most dangerous aspects of concussions is that they don’t always present obvious symptoms. In fact, a lone hit on the football field can lead to a concussion that can go unnoticed. Unfortunately, such quiet concussions can lead to serious long-term health consequences, including changes in brain functioning.

Athlete Safety

Your young athlete’s safety is obviously your top concern, so talk to the coaches, school officials, and training staff to ensure they are well-educated about football’s inherent concussive dangers and that they are focused on complying with the appropriate regulations and guidelines regarding athlete safety. Your child’s health could depend on it.

Virginia Law and Return to Play

Virginia takes student safety very seriously, and has a law in place that mandates specific requirements regarding suspected concussions:
  • If a student-athlete is suspected of having sustained a concussion, that student will immediately be removed from play.
  • That student will not return to play that same day.
  • That student will not return to play until after evaluation by an appropriate healthcare provider issues written clearance to return to play.

Your Football Player

If your child plays football, arm yourself with the pertinent facts. Football is a full-contact sport that sometimes leads to extremely dangerous concussions. Know the warning signs of concussions, talk to the athletic staff about the commitment to student safety, and always err on the side of your football player’s health and well-being.

If Your Child Was Harmed by a Concussion Suffered on the Field, Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Today

If your child suffered a concussive injury caused by irresponsible adult supervision on the football field, first seek immediate medical attention, then consult with a skilled Richmond, Virginia, personal injury attorney. The legal team at Emroch & Kilduff has the experience, expertise, and compassion to help you protect your young athlete and fight for your just compensation. We will thoroughly analyze your case, explain your legal rights and options, and guide you toward your claim’s most equitable resolution. We’re here to help, so contact or call us at (804) 358-1568 for an initial consultation today.

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