Speeding Is a Leading Cause of Accidents and Injuries

Speeding Is a Leading Cause of Accidents and Injuries

Everyone has seen it. You’re traveling down the road at the speed limit, or maybe even a little over, because traffic is moving quickly—and a car blows by you, clearly exceeding the speed limit by a significant amount. You might think there's never a cop when you need one, and you’d be at least a little right. Speeders are some of the most dangerous drivers on the road. The many dangers of speeding can cost the person who exceeds the speed limit through expensive traffic tickets, missed work for traffic court, and increased insurance costs.

The real cost of speeding, though, lies in the human damage it causes. In 2015, speeding caused accidents that resulted in 9,557 fatalities. Speeding endangers everyone around the speeding driver, and the solution is simple—slow down. Unfortunately, many people disregard the speed limits and ignore the dangers associated with speeding.

Speeding results in:

  • Less control over a vehicle
  • Reduced effectiveness of safety equipment
  • Increased stopping or slowing distances
  • More severe collisions, resulting in more severe injuries

The statistics are not improving, either. In 2016, 10,111 people died in speeding-related accidents, an increase from 2015. The 2016 number represented 27 percent of all traffic fatalities that year.

The Many Excuses for Speeding

Frequently cited reasons for speeding include:

  • Traffic congestion. Drivers often speed and change lanes frequently to escape heavy traffic. It is one of the most common excuses given for speeding.
  • Lateness: People often attempt to make up time if they are late for an appointment or work.
  • Anonymity: Rarely does anyone recognize a person on the road who is speeding. The speeder's car becomes like a shield, protecting his identity from those around him. This can lead to more unrestrained behavior in the belief that he won’t get caught.
  • Lack of concern for the law and fellow drivers: While most people are not aggressive drivers, a small segment of drivers appear to believe that it always is their right to get to a destination as fast as physics allows.

Excuses for speeding abound, but none justify endangering yourself and your fellow motorists. Considering that more than a fourth of all highway deaths result from speeding-related accidents, these excuses ring hollow. Speed kills. Really.

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