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Common Causes of Electrical Burns

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  Electrical burns are serious injuries that are exceedingly painful, often have long-lasting consequences, and are slow to heal. Further, the accidents that cause electrical burns are typically extremely traumatic. These serious burns can happen in any number of ways, but they’re often caused by dangerous conditions on the job or by defective electrical products […]

How Does My Insurance Settlement Work?

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Individuals injured in car accidents will most often seek compensation from the at-fault party who caused the accident. Because drivers are required to maintain car insurance, injured parties will receive much of their compensation from insurance companies. While this should require following a relatively straightforward process, this is not always the case. Car accident cases […]

Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI

What Does a Settlement Amount Look Like After a Car Accident That Caused a Concussion?

Car Accidents and the Risk of TBI Car accidents have the potential to result in very serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries—or TBIs. In the car accident context, traumatic brain injuries often come about when the force of the impact causes the accident victim to strike his or her head on the door, ceiling (especially […]

An Overview of Negligence

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Negligence forms the basis for the majority of personal injury cases. Generally, a person acts negligently whenever he or she behaves in a manner which deviates from how a “reasonably prudent person” would act in the same situation. Society has developed a standard of care that individuals owe to one another. Essentially, our society established […]

How an Injury can Cause You to Lose Income

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Each year, countless Americans are forced to visit doctors and emergency rooms due to injury. While many of these injuries are minor and require relatively little recovery time, some may be more severe and require lengthier recovery periods. In some cases, an injured individual may be unable to work, and he or she will lose […]

Winter Sports Can Lead to Injuries

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Winter Sports Can Lead to Injuries In Virginia and surrounding areas, we love our winter sports. It’s hard to beat the thrill of hitting the slopes or carting that Flexible Flyer to the sledding hills, but winter sports can lead to serious injuries. As you anticipate your next winter sports escapade, always put safety first. […]

The Seriousness of a Concussion May Surprise You

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The Seriousness of a Concussion May Surprise You While many people don’t worry too much when they consider the effects of concussions, these brain injuries can, nevertheless, be extremely dangerous. In fact, concussions related to high-impact sports such as football have received a lot of recent media attention for their potential to cause serious, long-lasting […]

How a Fall Can Lead to Permanent Paralysis

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How a Fall Can Lead to Permanent Paralysis We’ve all taken an occasional fall, and they’re usually no more than small nuisances. Falls, however, can also be extremely dangerous. In fact, the National Floor Safety Institute reports that falls are the second leading cause of spinal cord injuries. A spinal cord injury can change your […]

Back Injuries Can Be Costly and Painful

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Back Injuries Can Be Costly and Painful Having a healthy back is integral to your ability to move comfortably through your day. A back injury can significantly impede your ability to live your life to the fullest. Back injuries are common, and accidents—such as car accidents and slip and fall accidents—often cause them. Back injuries […]

If You Fall in a Store, Know Your Rights

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Premises liability can arise when you are on someone else’s property—including a business open to the public—and suffer an injury that arises from the property owner’s negligence. While you might think this has little impact on your life, accidental injuries were the fourth leading cause of death in the United States in 2014, including premises-liability […]