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What Are the Most Common Injuries to Children?

Personal Injury Attorney Virginia

No one likes to think about injuries to children, but they remain facts of life. While parents exert their best efforts to prevent injuries to their children, accidents happen. So—what are the most common injuries to children, what can you do to try to prevent them, and what are your options when your best efforts […]

When Should I Call a Personal Injury Attorney?

What Is a Contingency Fee?

When most people suffer injuries in accidents, they don’t first think to sue someone. Their focus is on medical treatment and recovery, getting back to work, and other practical, immediate concerns. However, practical concerns can and should include whether you are entitled to compensation for your injuries. While you might consider simply negotiating with the […]

Hands-Free Technology Is Still Distracting

Personal Injury Attorney Virginia

States and localities are increasingly outlawing the use of cell phones while driving unless those phones are not in hands-free mode. Many traffic accidents result from driver error, and distracted driving, including cell-phone use, is a significant contributor. According to the Centers for Disease Control, distracted driving comes in three categories: Visual, which involves taking […]

The Cost of Emergency Treatment for Injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer Virginia

If you have been injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are no doubt overwhelmed. If that accident required emergency treatment, you are probably also facing exorbitant expenses. A 2017 study by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) finds that emergency care expenses vary widely from state to state and […]

What Can Happen When a Truck Driver Is Impaired?

Truck Accident Lawyer Virginia

Truck drivers are charged with safely navigating behemoths of the road, and when they do not manage to drive safely, the results are often devastating. Because of the massive size difference between big rigs and noncommercial vehicles, sharing the roads with these giants can be extremely dangerous. To help keep our highways and byways safe, […]

Common Injuries at Work

Work Injury Attorney Virginia

No matter your occupation, safety on the job should always be a top priority. Some lines of work are more dangerous than others, but certain workplace injuries are common to many occupations. Whether you are sitting behind a desk or working the line, think about on-the-job safety and how you can remain injury-free on the […]

The Risk of a Broken Hip in a Fall

Slip & Fall Injury Attorney Richmond Virgina

When you take a fall, you are subject to potential injury—including serious injury like a broken hip. Falls regularly happen due to negligent care of hazardous walkways. Such hazards can include wet and slippery conditions, inadequate lighting, cracked and uneven walking surfaces, and walkway obstacles and debris. While many injuries can result from a fall, […]

Four Things You Don’t Know about Spinal Cord Injuries

Four Things You Don’t Know about Spinal Cord Injuries

Because the spinal cord is closely associated with physical functioning, spinal cord injuries can be very serious. Every spinal cord injury is unique unto itself, and every victim is uniquely affected by such an injury. Spinal cord injuries are highly complex, and there are several risk factors or effects that you may not be aware […]

Calculating Lost Wages For A Personal Injury Claim

Calculating Lost Wages For A Personal Injury Claim

4 Considerations For Calculating Lost Wages When Filing A Personal Injury Claim If you have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, you may use up much-needed sick- and vacation time, or miss the income from your job altogether.   Why should you have to pay for that?  Losing income is one of the […]


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