Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

Boat Accidents

If you have been injured on the water, you need representation from an attorney with knowledge and experience in maritime law. Maritime law differs from Virginia law in many important ways. Emroch & Kilduff attorneys have successfully handled complex and straightforward injury cases that occurred on or near the water. Call Emroch & Kilduff at […]

Gun Accident Attorneys

Gun accidents and gun accident deaths are tragic events. Many times gun accidents happen because the firearm is loaded and left within the reach of a curious child. In an instant, the trigger is unintentionally pulled and the child is severely injured or killed. Usually the victim of a gun accident is an innocent child, […]

Virginia Wrongful Diagnosis Attorneys

What is negligent failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis? When a healthcare provider mistakenly provides a patient with an inaccurate or incomplete analysis of their health. The healthcare provider either chooses an inappropriate method of care based on the incorrect diagnosis, or chooses an appropriate method, but does not execute it properly for the true diagnosis. […]

Birth Injury – Medical Malpractice

Birth trauma, or birth injury, typically refers to injuries endured as a result of a complicated birth. There are several types of trauma, ranging from mild, such as minor bruising, to very severe, such as brain and central nervous system damage. Cerebral palsy is one of the most serious health problems resulting from birth trauma […]

Bicycle Accident Attorneys

A bicyclist is killed in a bicycle accident every six hours in the United States. Vehicle and bike accidents represent one-third of all accidents, but represent the majority of deaths. More than half a million people will visit an emergency room each year because of bicycle-car collisions. These are some alarming statistics. To keep bicyclists […]

Airplane Accident Attorneys

Aviation Litigation &  Airplane Accident Attorneys While considered rare, airline injuries are a real risk among air travelers. Each year, a small number of airline passengers suffer minor to severe and sometimes fatal injuries. These injuries are caused by several types of incidents— baggage falling from overhead compartments, accidents while moving about the cabin, turbulence, […]

Virginia Truck Accident Attorneys

Auto collisions are complicated enough, but become even more so when a commercial truck is involved. When a larger vehicle is involved there are various ways to categorize the accident. For example, accidents involving large trucks (including delivery vehicles, box trucks, or tractor trailers) can be classified as head-on collisions, under ride or override accidents, […]

Virginia Bus Accident Attorneys

Bus accidents are just as serious as any other type of automobile crash. A bus carries more passengers and takes up more space on roadways, so accidents can cause serious injuries and fatalities to those aboard, and anyone in the vicinity. A large number of annual crashes are due to driver error, on the part […]

Texting and Driving Accident Attorneys

In the past several years, the number of accidents caused by a text messaging driver has soared. Many states are imposing strict laws banning drivers from texting in an effort to prevent accidents and fatalities. Currently, Virginia, along with 34 states including the District of Columbia, has banned text messaging while driving. Some states implement […]

Motor Vehicle Accidents – Recreational Vehicles

Virginia is an outdoor adventurer’s dream. Home to so much scenic beauty, it’s hard to resist traveling the entire state to witness everything it has to offer. Recreational vehicles (RVs) are becoming popular ways to take in all of Virginia’s sights from the beach to the mountains. With campgrounds off many highway exits, it’s easy […]