What Compensation a Person Might Expect in a Personal Injury Case

What Compensation a Person Might Expect in a Personal Injury Case

What Compensation a Person Might Expect in a Personal Injury Case

Personal injuries can result in serious damages, including high medical bills and missed time from work. Given the high costs, one of the first things injured accident victims want to know is how much their case might be worth. The value of a personal injury case depends largely upon the nature and extent of the accident, the injuries sustained by those involved in the accident, and the extent of the property damage to the involved vehicles.

At the Richmond law firm of Emroch & Kilduff, our attorneys specialize in representing personal injury victims of car and truck collisions, slip and falls, and other types of accidents. Our attorneys can evaluate your claim and give you a ballpark figure as to how much your personal injury case might be worth. Our attorneys can also engage in settlement negotiations on your behalf or litigate your case through the Virginia court system.

Personal Injury Case Evaluation Factors

When evaluating how much a personal injury case is worth, our attorneys will look to a variety of factors. While it is impossible to provide an exact number, our attorneys use these factors when making a determination about the approximate value of a Richmond personal injury case:

  • Amount of insurance coverage available – The amount of available insurance coverage is one of the biggest factors used to estimate the approximate value of a personal injury case. The insurance coverage usually comes from the at-fault party’s car insurance policy. In cases where the at-fault party is uninsured or underinsured, the accident victim’s insurance policy may then come into play.
  • Whether or not the at-fault party is contesting liability – if the defendant driver is alleging that the injured accident victim caused or contributed to the accident, then the accident victim may be entitled to no recovery under Virginia law. In other words, the defendant driver must be 100 percent at fault for the accident, in order for the injured accident victim to recover damages.
  • Property damage – In a car or truck accident case, one or more of the involved vehicles may have sustained property damage. Generally speaking, the more significant the property damage, the more valuable the case is worth.
  • Injuries and damages sustained – Personal injury cases where the accident victim sustained serious or permanent injuries, such as fractures, broken bones, paralysis, or traumatic brain injuries, are worth more than cases where the accident victim sustained less-serious injuries, such as soft tissue injuries. Moreover, in serious accident cases, the accident victim may need to undergo costly medical care or treatment in the future, such as a surgery or other medical procedure. The anticipated cost of this treatment may be added into the accident victim’s damage figure in a personal injury case.

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Personal injury cases are very fact-specific, as is the value of a particular personal injury case. At Emroch & Kilduff, our lawyers can make an honest assessment of your case and take the appropriate legal action to help maximize your recovery. To schedule a free consultation and case evaluation with a Richmond personal injury lawyer, please call us today at (804) 358-1568 or contact us online.

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